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No more ignored requests, lost questions,
delayed payouts & transaction fees


How Gurucan solves Teachable issues?

Instant payouts without transaction fees!

Digital entrepreneurship has the advantage of being flexible, but how can you be if you are stuck with 30-days payouts?

No hidden costs or transactions fees, receive instant payouts to your account. Gurucan provides smooth execution & experience of running an online course, not trying to earn extra cash on your sales.

One price - two platforms

We genuinely believe that every online course deserves to be with its users everywhere! It's not fair to be on the plane or with a low internet connection at a remote village & not be able to study. App solves the issue of course accessibility anytime, everywhere!

Every creator is important! It's not fair to limit accessibility only because you are just starting & using a beginner plan to try out your business idea!

With Gurucan, all online courses are available on App & Web within any pricing plan!

We are always here for you to help & support

Being as big as Teachable means a lack of attention to customer support. It's hard to cover all the questions, analyse feedback & requests.

Gurucan team is enthusiastic, dedicated & extremely passionate about the platform we developed. Our goal is to make every creator's life free of tech headaches & maximum smooth. Have the best experience ever!

We support & help you all the way! Your feedback means a lot! It'll help us to develop new features & improve existing ones.

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