GURUCAN vs. LearnWorlds

Why Gurucan is the best LearnWorlds alternative

Gurucan has a native mobile iOS and Android app, modern design and friendly customer support

Gurucan vs LearnWorlds


In terms of creating courses online, Gurucan and LearnWorlds are both excellent platforms. Their plans are flexible, and the quality of services is highly-rated. However, course creators cannot choose to sign up for both simultaneously, primarily because of the cost involved in executing that decision.

Let’s check out, if Gurucan is a good LearnWorlds alternative or not.It’s essential to know the best learning platform between the two.

For that reason, we’ll be comparing LearnWorlds and Gurucan.

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Considering Gurucan as
a LearnWorlds alternative?

Which Learning Platform is Better Between LearnWorlds and Gurucan? We think it’s safe to say that course creators can go for Gurucan instead of LearnWorlds when creating courses online.

Here are our reasons:

Mobile application

This happens to be Gurucan’s edge over many mobile learning management systems (LMS). Gurucan has a mobile app for android and iOS. A mobile application is very beneficial for creating courses online for several reasons.

At the top of those reasons is that it helps to retain customers.

When there’s an app, users can quickly get things done on the go. By implication, people will be more loyal to a brand that allows them to do their business on an application. Hence, easy customer retention.

Unfortunately, LearnWorlds’ application isn’t quite the same as Gurucan’s. While the latter offers a conventional and downloadable app, LearnWorlds’ merely provides an adaptive webpage. Sadly, this doesn’t have quite the same effect as Gurucan’s app.

Easy integration

Creating courses online on a mobile LMS is not a task that occurs in isolation. Whether a course creator is organizing video training or other learning activities, connectivity to other services helps access a broader range of functionalities, like sending emails or getting incredibly detailed analytics.

By signing up with Gurucan, course creators can easily integrate with Zapier. By doing this, course creators can access over 10,000 platforms and tools like Typeform, Google Sheets, etc. This provides an almost limitless stream of deployable functionalities.

Also, Gurucan allows integration with Webhooks. This platform helps course creators to connect their internal services with a bit of coding knowledge.

Now, LearnWorlds allows creators to integrate with Zapier as well. However, it isn’t quite as simple. Unlike LearnWorlds alternative – Gurucan, a course creator would have to upgrade specifically to get access to Zapier.

Auto-generated mobile-friendly web pages

On a website or video training platform, the importance of a landing page cannot be overstated. That single place forms the basis of a customer’s impression of the brand.

From there, customers will decide if they want to make a purchase or complete the desired action. So, if the landing page is weak, it will directly impact success.

Gurucan recognizes this fact well enough and acknowledges that not everyone has advanced coding knowledge. So, they came up with a solution in the form of auto-generated landing pages. This saves course creators the trouble of having to get everything done by themselves.

These landing pages serve as the home base of every course creator. After providing the necessary foundation, Gurucan then allows course creators to get creative with their landing pages. These pages are customizable and have just enough tools to ensure that course creators can make the most of them.

Unfortunately for LearnWorlds, they don’t exactly offer this innovative feature. As opposed to Gurucan’s automation of the process, LearnWorlds requires creators to do it themselves. So, in this regard, Gurucan comes out at the top.

In Conclusion

The disparity between Gurucan and LearnWorlds isn’t so high that they leave the other in the dust. In reality, they’re both excellent learning platforms for creating courses online.

However, Gurucan has a reasonable amount of advantages over LearnWorlds. As such, any course creator who is looking to get the most value should signup with Gurucan. Even outside the features listed here, Gurucan is as reliable as it is effective and can be considered one of the best LearnWorlds alternatives.


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