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Don't be limited to web. Gurucan is actually an extension rather than just an alternative to Podia.

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How to overcome Podia issues with Gurucan?

iOS & Android App for your online courses

Education should be mobile & online, there is no other way!

Gurucan understands that some courses are made for web-platform only or otherwise. Can you imagine carrying a laptop to the gym? Certainly not! It's useless & unreasonable. But your phone is always with you!

No matter what type of content you have - App & web platforms are available by one price plan. It's hard to guess where users will take your online course on a particular day, that's why it's better to offer both.

Almost the same price more features + mobile app in all plans

We want you to take care of your students. That's why Gurucan App has fantastic features to make life easy and full of knowledge!

Pre-download courses on your App while connected to Wi-Fi & use without any connection. Please note: you do need an internet connection to send reports & join chats.

Chat on the go. Join themed discussions with your course mates.

Paid chats — are so unique for online course creation platform! Isn't it amazing that you can get online consultation from an expert?

Fully customised App & web

It's essential to be unique, not only by the content, features but also by presence.

How to create a custom App? How much will it be? How long will it take? How to choose a developer? How….. A lot more "Hows" before making the final decision to create your app. Yep, that was before Gurucan decided to solve this problem!

Gurucan allows creating 100% custom App & web for your brand.

And wee constantly improve! Let us know of your feature requests. Our goal is to create the best features & the best quality.

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