Analytics and Dashboard For Your Digital Business

All you want to know about your business and users. Track sales, activities, add tags, analyse completion rates. Chat with users and get relevant feedback first hand.

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School dashboard


Essential data

Graphs, tables to visualize & track the success of your knowledge business. Understand how it goes & how to optimize the processes.



Add users in bulk from other platforms with csv files or manually. Give access to the courses, assign tags & work with groups of users


Chats & reports

Connect with your customers, create engaged community chats. Get all the reports checked & graded.

Do you limit the amount of contacts I can have in the CRM?

No, we don’t limit your contacts either! You can have as many as you need. Furthermore, you can easily import & export as many lists you wish.

What are active users?

If a user has purchased, enrolled or watched at least 1 product within 30 days, they are considered as “active users”. If you will need more active users in your plan, you can purchase additional users.

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Can I check reports and homework from my phone?

Sure, the admin panel is mobile adaptive. Open in the browser and give instant feedback to your users reports.

Can I track my sales?

Yes, you can see all user payments and create graphs for weekly, monthly & yearly reports.

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