GURUCAN vs. Mastermind

Why Gurucan is a better Mastermind Software alternative

No limits for your digital products. From masterminds and live sessions to memberships and beautiful online courses.

Gurucan vs Mastermind Software was launched out of beta during the Build Your Brand Challenge run by Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson in 2020. 

The Mastermind Software is offered for just a $1 for the first month.  It is donated to Feeding America and costs $97 from month two. 

The software is a great choice for beginners who is focusing on video content. But does it have everything a mature knowledge commerce business need? 

In this article we'll try to compare it with one of the best Mastermind Software alternatives for knowledge commerce – Gurucan.

iOS & Android Apps
Mobile Admin Panel
Transaction Fees
Landing page builder
Free trial
Challenges or Drip content
Workouts & Nutrition Plans
Live sessions
Max live stream attendees
Marketing tools, emails or push notifications
Assessments and tests
Created by Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson







Why online business are switching
from Mastermind to Gurucan

Which Knowledge business platform is Better Between and Gurucan?

Here are some of our reasons:

Emails, push notifications and Marketing automation

One of Mastermind most popular feature requests is email marketing. With Gurucan you can trigger an email campaign or a push-notification broadcast that aligns with the progress of your students. They complet the first lesson and receiv a motivational message directly from you! Build automated sequences that will cover all your needs: reminders, upsell's, motivation, sharing, new product launches!

Variety of tags and filters allow you to set the campaign ones and ALL the new comers will be automagically added to notification lists and marketing pipelines! Your email and push-notification sequences are so easy to manage and edit!

Gurucan has all your marketing tools covered. It’s a 100% time and money saver. Don’t forget that besides emails and push-notifications you can always get instant feedback from the chats. Valuable information, analytics and data will help you to run the most converting campaigns!

Communities and Memberships to build your own brand

Build your own digital personal brand and strong online community! Engaging users will stay with you and become the part of your online business. Set up various subscriptions with different levels of access to your content. Membership can include online courses, chats, blog, webinars, live sessions, challenges, workout and nutrition plans for fitness related creators. 

Recurring business model for your digital knowledge commerce is what you can plan an count own. A lot of processes are made to be automatic: charging for monthly/annual subscriptions, granting access according to membership plan, blocking access for unpaid users, welcome emails and marketing campaigns. Creating online membership community is that easy. 

Community is meant to be around you and your users. Gurucan has amazing mobile app, besides the browser options. With Gurucan mobile app your brand community is just one thumb away from your users.

Powerful digital courses builder

Creating video content is very challenging and time-consuming. Gurucan gives an opportunity to diversify types of content: from text and video lessons, quizzes, digital downloads, audio files, images and galleries to live streams and webinars. 

Create and mix different types of content to express yourself and give the best presentation of your expertise and experience!

In Conclusion

Both Gurucan and Mastermind are excellent learning platforms to bring yourself online and build your brand. 

However, Gurucan has a reasonable amount of advantages over Mastermind. Software by Tony Robbins is focused on video content (live and pre-recorded) only.  As a matter of fact, Gurucan gives opportunity to create digital products with any kind of content and support it with converting marketing campaigns. 

Any knowledge commerce creator who is looking to get the most value should signup with Gurucan. Gurucan is as reliable as it is effective and can be considered one of the best Mastermind software alternative.

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