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Gurucan App provides interactive and entertaining learning experience and online course access.

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Gurucan mobile app


Anytime and anywhere 

Courses available on-the-go and even offline. Your customers will fall in love with frustration-free mobile learning experience.


100% reach 

It’s 2021 out there. Online, digital, mobile are the new standards. Your customers might not even have a laptop, but sure do have smartphones. Make it for them.



Improve course completion, increase engagement rate & build strong community around your business. iOS & Android apps let your users have you under the thumb.

Can I offer free and paid courses?

Yes, you can! Set several levels of access for free and paid content. You can even offer a “Free trial” for your content.

How can I create in-app purchases?

This feature is only available in our White Label plan.

Where can I or my users download the Gurucan app?

Gurucan is available on the App Store (min. requirement iOS 10) and Google Play Store ( min. requirement Android 5).

Can I chat with my users in the App?

Sure, just log in to the app with your admin account and start chatting to your users. Your messages will appear on the right part of the screen and you will be easily identified. Chats are available from the admin panel as well.

Can I create drafts prior to launching my courses?

Of course, just log in with your admin account and you will see everything your are working on – drafts and published products.

Go mobile. Because you can.

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