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Enjoy full flexibility by offering workouts your members can do at home, outside or in the gym.

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White label fitness app


Grow your business

It was never so easy to open a "new branch" for your fitness studio. The keyword here is digital. Don't be limited to your location-based studio. Offer your courses online, on the go!


Getting started is easy

Forget about hiring agencies or developers. Gurucan provides the tech, you bring your content. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and publish your first online course.


Your own branding 

Launch your branded mobile apps on iOS and Android. Our white label solution gives you everything you need to have your own app in the
App Store and Google Play Store.

iOS and Android apps by Gurucan

Extend your fitness studio

Build customer loyalty and engagement

Grow your revenue outside your physical location

Increase revenues by offering new products

Strengthen your brand with your own mobile app


Offer courses and more..

Create courses, webinars, nutrition plans, blogs & quizzes to engage your members. Our all-in-one solution has it all!

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White label app by Gurucan

Your own web & mobile app!

Our white label solution is all you need to launch your online branch. Get your own app on the App and Google Play Store.

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Looking for a white label app?

White Label iOS/Android apps

White label web with custom domain

All the features from Guru plan

Unlimited users

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App and Web for online course by Gurucan

Is Gurucan Mobile only?

Nope! With Gurucan White Label you're getting:

White Label iOS/Android App with your own icon

Customizable web connected to your domain

Branded Push notifications and emails

Everything customisable, not just the icon

App and Web for online course by Gurucan

With Gurucan you can save up to $843 501 on your mobile app development

We've built a pricing calculator for you to compare the development cost from various agencies with Gurucan.
It takes just 2 minutes and we promise you'll be surprised!

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Our Gym has a weak internet connection in some areas. Is it possible to access the
courses also offline?

Offline mobile learning is the ability to access learning materials on a mobile device without requiring an Internet connection. Currently, we can only offer it with Gurucans own video hosting - YouTube or Vimeo videos can't be accessed offline through the Gurucan app, yet.

What videos are best for fitness online courses?

Gurucan allows to create fitness training programs based on repetitions & time. We provide a special featured block to upload short videos for exercises with descriptions and a countdown.

Most fitness apps offer free trial or free courses. Can I offer that with Gurucan to my students?

You can create trial periods, free courses, challenges, memberships, blogs, meal plans. And of course you can set a number of free lessons & tasks in any course or challenge. Your users will be able to complete part of them and then will be prompt to pay.

I want to give free access to my paid courses for members of my gym, is it possible?

For already existing customers you can gift free access to the online membership. For example, create a special membership and include great articles, meal plans, fitness courses. One way to motivate “offline” users to buy online is to give exclusive free trial to some paid courses or challenges.

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