Marketing Automation Tools beta

Create sales pipelines and send email and push notification broadcasts easily. Automate sales and routine management tasks.
Put your online business on autopilot!

Tools for marketing automation



Powerful tool for onboarding, upsales, lead magnets and simple newsletters. Create templates from scratch or upload your existing ones with HTML


Push, push, push

Free, seen on the locked screen, can include text, emojis, pics! Send sales offers & motivational messages directly to your users phone.



Send out newsletters, seasonal greeting, new product launch announcements. To all your unlimited database! Email or push-notification - up to u! Or send both😉


Converting pipelines

Sales and marketing campaigns have never been easy. Mix & match emails and push-notifications to get beat conversions & outreach!

Save 50% from first month.

Look how it works

Forest is the complete package for building websites with Webflow. 300+ components allow ultimate flexibility for builds of all types.

How many pipelines can I create?

As many as you need. We don’t limit the number and length of the marketing campaigns. Include everything you need to run sales & marketing campaigns.

Can I send email and push-notifications with one marketing campaign (pipeline)?

Yes, feel free to mix and match!

Can I create templates for emails and push-notifications?

Absolutely. You will already have some templates in your Gurucan app. However, you can also create them from scratch or copy your existing HTML templates.


Reach out to us to enable it on your account


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