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Reach more students

Yoga can be easily done anywhere. At home, in the park, even in the office. Why limit yourself to a single location if you can reach students all around the world with your own online courses?


Manage your online business

Our easy to use interface allows you to launch your products in minutes, build membership plans and receive insights through our analytics tool. Zero learning curve to get started.


Build your brand 

Our white label solution offers you everything to build a strong brand. Launch your courses on Google Play & App stores for a fraction of the cost and acquire more students around the globe.

iOS and Android apps by Gurucan

Getting started is as easy as Sukhasana

Create membership plans

Offer courses, webinars, diet plans and more

Create converting marketing pages & blogs

Offer your content on web & mobile


Create, market and launch

Gurucan offers all you need to run your online yoga classes. No more switching between multiple services. Create membership plans, build courses, build marketing broadcasts and more.

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White label app by Gurucan

Launch your own app!

Create your own Yoga app like Asana Rebel! Our white label solution gives you the flexibility of having your own web & mobile app with your custom branding.

Looking for a white label app?

White Label iOS/Android apps

White label web with custom domain

All the features from Guru plan

Unlimited users

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App and Web for online course by Gurucan

Is Gurucan Mobile only?

Nope! With Gurucan White Label you're getting:

White Label iOS/Android App with your own icon

Customizable web connected to your domain

Branded Push notifications and emails

Everything customisable, not just the icon

App and Web for online course by Gurucan

With Gurucan you can save up to $843 501 on your mobile app development

We've built a pricing calculator for you to compare the development cost from various agencies with Gurucan.
It takes just 2 minutes and we promise you'll be surprised!

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My yoga program contains meditation playlists. Is it possible to upload audio files?

Sure! You can add audio files to your lessons, challenges, articles and chats. It's even possible to listen audio files with locked screen.

What makes people buy online yoga courses?

Videos alone won't be unique. YouTube is full with free content. However, it’s the whole package you could offer: a mindful community, the best experts in chat, 1on1 session through webinars, catching blog posts, transformational meal plans, meditation playlists, crafted videos and guides. Your online yoga school will be a shortcut to give access to a healthier and more balanced life within one app.

It’s very important to go step-by-step in exploring yoga session without skipping levels.
Can Gurucan help?

Yes, we can. As a yoga guru, you're responsible for your students. With Gurucan you can manually assign courses and be sure that everyone will be safe and ready for the next level without skipping a lesson.

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