One-to-many free webinars

Sales webinars, interactive buttons and promo banners, engaging chats, pre-recorded autoplay videos.

Webinar on demand



Use YouTube, Twitch or HTML with or without OBS to launch mass webinars.  Limitless viewers, endless minutes.


Auto Webinars

Strong, useful & easy marketing tool to promote your business. Upload video or record live webinar, add banners & sales buttons.



All you need to know and analyze: number of viewers & how many of them watched till the end, sales button clicks, conversion rate.

Can I record my webinars?

Yes, webinars can be recorded. Your webinars will be recorded and saved automatically in your YouTube or Twitch. You can use your recordings to create auto webinars or even sell them in your courses as well.

Do webinar participants have to register?

Yes, all users need to register to join the webinar. Not only does it provide additional security for your content but it can be also useful to prevent spammers. 

How many users can join my webinars?

Sky's the limit.

Where can my users access the webinar?

Webinars are available on both desktop and mobile browsers. Your users can easily log in and watch webinars on the go. Webinar availability in the mobile app is set to launch very soon.

Which equipment do I need to run webinars?

We recommend using a high resolution web camera with an external microphone for best results. However, if you don’t have any equipment yet, you can even use your notebook or phone with the built-in camera & microphone.

Can I offer paid webinars?

Sure! You can make free & paid webinars. It’s applicable to all types of products — courses, challenges, meal plans, articles, chats, memberships.

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