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Gurucan vs Mighty Networks


Creating online courses is one of the most effective ways to enhance and grow your online business. E-learning or online courses platforms are not new, but in the last few years, they’ve emerged dramatically. Anyone familiar with such platforms must already have heard about “Mighty Networks.” It started with an idea to bring the course creator’s online community to a single place. It allows users to create content, online courses, and membership sites to enhance their online presence.

Now because of emerging network apps, there are a lot of white label LMS options, and one of them is Gurucan. It’s a comparatively new, dedicated, and more focused platform that allows users to create and sell their online courses. Gurucan is one of the best mobile LMS platforms because it’s more focused on mobiles. Its push notification feature enables the users to offer the online courses to their students on the go. Here are some of the most significant reasons why people should prefer Gurucan as an alternative to Mighty Networks.

iOS & Android Apps
Mobile Admin Panel
Transaction Fees
Landing page builder
Free trial
Online course builder
Workouts & Nutrition Plans
Marketing automation
Assessments and tests

Mighty Networks






Why community and membership
businesses are choosing Gurucan
as a Mighty Networks alternative

Which Membership business platform is Better Between Mighty Networks and Gurucan?

Here are some of our reasons:


Although Gurucan and Mighty Networks both are only white-label LMS platforms available in the market, there are some features that a user can only enjoy with the Gurucan. It offers the following features without any limit against all of their subscription models:

- Online courses
- Variety of digital products
- Push notification
- Blogs
- Webinars
- Contact base
- Multimedia storage
- Support

You don’t get all of these features with Mighty Networks regardless of their pricing plan. Moreover, the most impactful advantage of Gurucan over Mighty Networks is that the user can submit his/her apps to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store with its standard pricing model. The only requirement is to have the developers account on both of these platforms.

On the other hand, anyone who needs this feature using Mighty Networks, must opt for Mighty Pro, which is quite expensive and time taking (at least 6-12 months).
There’s no point in getting the more expensive and limited services when the same services with unlimited access are available at lesser rates.

Membership Features

The most impactful difference here is that the “Mighty Networks” does not offer the charge of online courses with their community plan. On the other hand, Gurucan offers unlimited online courses with their standard creator plan.

It makes the Gurucan the best platform for all the online course creators to provide their students with an organized and engaging learning experience on both mobile and web.

Webinars/Virtual conference

Even the extended functionality that Mighty Networks offer does not provide the users with many critical features such as SSL certificate, YouTube or Twitch webinars/ virtual conferences, etcetera. Webinars are critically important because they allow the online course creators to help their community understand why their services and content is essential.

They also allow the content creators and customers to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the help of real-time conversation.


Gurucan is undoubtedly the one and only online platform that offers everything in one place and under the umbrella of your own brand. It’s easily accessible from any device because of its responsiveness and user-friendly interface. Choosing the Gurucan platform to build online courses provides the creators to add more value to their content.

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