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Set no limits to your online business. Multimedia online courses, video lectures, quizzes, downloads, webinars, community chats & blog. 



Easy to use interface allows you to launch your products in minutes. Mobile adaptive admin panel makes it even easier — work on the go, implement new ideas, when you have them!


As much as you want. As much as you need. Products, push-notifications, multimedia storage & webinars on all pricing plans. Grow your business



Your knowledge is your business. Your data is protected from user identity to video hosting. Keep it going.



No need to choose between mobile or desktop. All your products have multi platform availability with smooth QR and code access.

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Forest is the complete package for building websites with Webflow. 300+ components allow ultimate flexibility for builds of all types.

How can I monetize my content and courses?

With Gurucan, you can charge one time payment for courses, webinars, challenges, meal plans. Memberships with any kind of content & different levels can be charged as a subscription — recurring monthly / yearly payments.

Are there any limits on how many courses & products can I create?

We don’t set limits on both, number and size of your courses, challenges, articles, meal plans, recipes, etc. Create as many as you need with all of our plans.

Can I have free content but also premium content that is locked and only available for paying members?

Yes. You can set several levels of access for free and paid users. You can even offer trial periods for your plans.

How can I remove “Powered by Gurucan” from the footer?

With our “Expert Plan”, you can remove the copyright from the web application. If you want even more customization, for example your custom branded mobile app, check out our White Label solution.

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