Let's get you set up on Gurucan.
Done-For-You Service.

We are happy to introduce our new Done-For-You Service here at Gurucan. It is available with every monthly or annual pricing plan. Easy way to start your knowledge business with Gurucan.

What is a done-for-you service?

Personal onboarding call

Initial set up or migration to your Gurucan Account

Free with any paid monthly or annual plans

What can Gurucan help me set up?



Custom domain connection, SSL certificate issue, payment provider setup, and integrations are included in tech setup.



Full-color customization according to your brand settings. Content migration from other platforms or initial file upload will be done for you.



Creation or migration of your offers and bundles can be completed along with supporting sales settings.



Customer communication includes user base and/or contact base import and initial email sequence setup.



Terms of Use and Privacy policy will be prepared for you based on the best practices template and uploaded to your Gurucan account.

How to activate a done-for-you service for my Gurucan account?


Take a personal call with Gurucan team to learn about the service and discuss what we can help with (if you didn't do it already)


Choose a pricing plan that is best for you Expert, Pro or Guru.
(if you didn't do it already)


Fill in and send a request form for a done-for-you service.
Specify what you need to be done for you.


Jump on a quick confirmation call with Gurucan team to agree on the timeline and list of jobs to be done.

As a result, you will get your personal "Creator's portal" with a checklist.


Share content* with us so we can get started.

*By Content we mean any materials and access that are required to complete the requested done-for-you service confirmed brief.


Just enjoy and wait for Gurucan team to complete the done-for-you service😎

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for free done-for-you service?

Done-for-you service is available for any creator on paid monthly or annual plans, including Expert, Pro, and Guru.

How much will this cost?

Nothing! Done-for-you service is a part of your onboarding process and setting up in Gurucan. We are here to help because we can!

What is included in the done-for-you service?

Done-for-you service is basically an initial setup of your Gurucan account, migration from another platform, or a little bit of both.

We offer 5 categories of done-for-you service: Content, Sales, Tech, Customer Communication, and Legal.

You will discover a more detailed list on the personal call, and in the request form, you will fill in to get the done-for-you service started.

How long will the done-for-you service take?

It depends on your request and how much help you will need from our side. We will provide an estimated timeline for you during the request process. We usually see the timeframe of 5-7 business days for the Expert plan setup and 10-12 business days for the Pro plan.

Is it secure?

Yes! We will never ask you to share your personal passwords or any other type of credentials. If anyone on our behalf is doing so, please report to support@gurucan.com

We only access your files or other services by shareable links and guest/admin/team members access, which you will set up/give to our official Gurucan emails. Any content or files sent from you or your team member directly to our email will be considered as an automatically granted access to use for done-for-you service.

How can I get help after the done-for-you service is completed?

No worries, there are several options. Use a chat in your admin panel, explore our Help Center We are constantly updating it.

I am still not sure if it works for my case.

Have you taken an opportunity to hop on a personal call with one of the Gurucan team members? Schedule a call and discuss everything you need about done-for-you service options.