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Simple builder

Introduce, explain, promote, convince. Sales page is where your customers make the final click. Show the most out of your products.


Be united 

Your landing page matches the design of the App & web. It’s all about your business and brand recognition. Use custom or Gurucan domain.


Check it out

Focus on creating your products. Checkout page will be automatically available for each item of your knowledge business.


Landing page that will pass all payment security. It’s made right - simply upload  Terms, Policy, Contacts.

Save 50% from first month.

Look how it works

Forest is the complete package for building websites with Webflow. 300+ components allow ultimate flexibility for builds of all types.

Can I connect my custom domain?

Yes, starting from our Expert plan you can connect your custom domain.

Can I make an SEO description for my landing page?

Yes, add SEO title and descriptions for better search engine results! Also, FAQ sections are great for search! Add FAQs to your landing page.

Can I add my custom templates to Gurucan?

Custom templates are only available for our White Label plan.

Does Gurucan support real-time editing?

As Gurucan runs on the cloud, all changes will appear automatically once you save them on your admin panel.