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September 7, 2022

How-to-guide: diversify fitness, yoga, dancing, meditation classes online

Step-by-step guide on how to adapt to new realities and take your business to the next level. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s always a new opportunity! We put all our thoughts together on how a healthy lifestyle can benefit from a digital format.

Training exercise by time

Online course example: Fitness for beginners

Duration: 14 days

Number of lessons: 10

Type of content: video, training (sets), quiz, downloads

Features: landing page, online course, challenge, blog, nutrition plans, recipes, chat, webinar.

Access: desktop & mobile browser, iOS & Android App

Admin panel to create courses

What are the most important moments to pay attention to in creating fitness, yoga, dancing online courses?

First of all, use a special feature for training instead of uploading videos to an online course. The training feature allows you to create sets of exercises by time & reps. It’s exactly how you would proceed with your training program offline. Don’t make it harder for your users.


Your training videos will be available without the internet once pre-downloaded to the app. Your users can download all the training videos with home Wi-Fi and use it anytime, anywhere. It’s a great feature for offline & online. As we know gyms are often located in areas with a poor internet connection.  This tech feature is available only if you use Gurucan video hosting. If you use YouTube or Vimeo all services rules and policies apply.

Secondly, regular training is only one part of a healthy lifestyle.  Nutrition is very important on your way to the perfect body!  Even if you are not a certified expert in nutrition you know much more about healthy eating than someone who just started a healthy lifestyle. Post calories based meal plans and your favorite recipes. Don’t forget to confirm with a doctor in each case.

Thirdly, educate your users — provide useful articles, tips, and answer their questions in chat! It’s crucial to be connected to your users because the real feedback will help you to improve your products or even create new ones! It’s so easy to stay on track with a mobile app and simple for users to share! We highly recommend not only giving pro content but also make sure users know who is behind the brand. For example, shoot an intro/welcome video or make an article with your favorite playlist available for everybody!

Furthermore, build a strong community around yourself. Chat is the most ideal feature for that purpose! Unlimited chats on Gurucan allow us to create general app chat, certain course chat, or limited access chat for VIP users. Users can talk to each other and discuss what was the most exciting in today's training task or share how they overcame some difficulties. Group dynamic brings a lot of value!

Also, don’t forget about the landing page. Connect your exciting one or create from scratch with Gurucan simple website builder where you can show all your products (courses, challenges, memberships, webinars, etc)  Each product has automatically generated mobile-friendly checkout page. It includes product description, what is included, price, and sign up form to proceed with the payment. Gurucan provides a free domain with all accounts  (name.gurucan.com) or you can just connect to your custom domain.

By the way, leave a touch of offline in your online courses. Only if you want to. For example, create a special printable calendar or checklist for your users. Sometimes it’s good to mark something as done with a highlighter — achieved weight loss goal, set of exercises done, etc. Digital downloads are available in lessons, articles, or just send it to the chat!

Training exercise set by reps

Moreover, launch marketing campaigns and broadcasts. Send out emails with our in-built feature or connect an external provider (MailChimp, SendGrid, etc). Push-notifications are just amazing! They are free, seen on the locked screen, can include text, emoji, image and has a high open-rate!

Last but not least, launch webinars! Live streams and Q&A sessions are still on top of building strong communities and brands.  Webinars play a huge role in your marketing campaign. It’s not only the best way to talk to your users, present new products, and also explain your vision! You are your brand and products, always include it in your marketing strategy. There are several helpful features in webinars– build-in sales button, banners, views statistics. Set email campaigns based on real data after your webinar. Why are webinars good for sales? Nobody knows your products better than you. People trust people.

Usage of push-notifications

….and a lot more cases depend on your goals and audience!

Monetization options

Free webinars, courses, free trials, additional info (meal plans, blog posts)

One time payment for courses, challenges, and webinars

Recurring payments for memberships. Monthly subscriptions are automatically charged from your users. You can create special offers for 3,6 or 12 months in advance payment.

How to proceed with payments?

You can easily connect Stripe to your Gurucan account.

If you are looking for more integrations, just send the request in chat and we will see how we can help.


Your online product is available in any browser (desktop & mobile) and (of course) mobile apps iOS & Android! We believe fitness, yoga, dancing are made to be mobile!

You users download the app, log in to your school once and that’s it! The next time they open the app they will be directly in your school!

Why the mobile app?

Benefits of online for fitness, yoga, dancing, meditation

We hope our how-to guide will help you and inspire new actions! Please, note that all the examples are just examples. It will be great to know your feedback or even write about your story with Gurucan! Feel free to reach out!

Good luck and we're always here to help.

I can. You can.  Gurucan.

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