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September 7, 2022

Creative Blocks - How to Fight Them

Whether you're creating engaging content for YouTube or working on an online course, you'll need lots of bright and creative ideas.

Creativity is expressed on so many different levels - from getting your car out of the mud or a smart way to craft a subtle advertisement. You may have figured this out already.

Creativity and productivity go together.

What's the fuss?

Creativity involves fresh ideas that can make a world of difference.

You can probably relate to the infamous brick wall in your creative space. The Creative Block. A flurry of thoughts/ideas that seem to elude you when you need them the most. It doesn't even help that the brief is due the following day! Suddenly, 24 hours isn't enough.

The thinking cap doesn't always fit. Writers and other creatives can probably relate. Things may get a little foggy upstairs. This may sometimes feel as though they've got cotton balls in their heads. Quite the irony for a block, right?

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A New Reality​

You're probably stuck at home in your pajama bottoms all day. Our daily interaction with people from work, school, or at the gas station all forms creativity. With the pandemic and staying indoors, you may be running a little low on creative energy.

The pandemic has taken its toll. Depression and other mental issues are understandably on the rise. For some, it almost seems that the virus masks creativity and productivity.

If you wish to overcome this struggle and stay productive, read this piece to the end.

Tips To Fight a Creative Block

1. Work Hard and Play Hard

Think of it this way. If your creative mind ever feels clogged, tense, stress, and anxious, don't add more cotton bolls. Creative thinking is a rather complex function of the brain. Worrying is somewhere down the ladder.

De-clutter. Have fun and get the feel-good hormones surging. Activate your creative cortex and watch the ideas roll in. It's really easy to get lost in deadlines, but you should have fun while at it. In the long run, it will be worth it.

2. Walk the work

According to researchers from Stamford, taking a walk shoots up your creativity. What's more? It doesn't matter where the walking happened - out in the sun or within four walls. It can make a whopping 60% difference.

Creatives often believe it's a good idea to sit at the desk and slug it all day. However, taking a walk may improve your creativity.

If your city is locked down, you can take a walk around your living room, yard, or neighborhood. Some fresh outdoor air may help clear your head.

3. Write It Down

You can use a phone app, good ol' paper, and pen, or even a scroll. You never really know when the Eureka moment will come. Pen down any good ideas as soon as they come.

You don't want to lose them in a bubble of regular daily thoughts. Here's what you gain; you keep your ideas for longer. This habit also opens your eyes to the possibilities of your creativity. You'll need this for the bad days.

4. Take a break

Get some rest. While at rest, your mind is still working with available information to cultivate ideas. Catch a breather. Mental fatigue is a star ingredient in cooking the dreaded creative block.

Rest and rejuvenation are great for your mental (and creative) health. It doesn't even have to be a hearty snooze. Carve out time from your schedule to do nothing.

5. Don't Sweat It

You'll compound issues if you do. Time is an excellent antidote for a block. You'd have to realize that you're not a 24-hour factory of brilliant ideas. If you still feel empty, give it some time to pass.

6. Have a Designated Work Area

Set the mood as you would for a fancy dinner. The workspace has its importance.

If you're on lockdown and new to working remotely, it's a great idea to have a specific area of your home as a workspace. If you do have a workspace, try to keep it de-cluttered, clean, and comfortable. You could even rearrange the furniture for a fresh look.

As per décor, any pieces that you consider inspirational would be great!

7. Little Drops…

Try to write or create content of some kind every day- it helps you build up. Begin write (right) now. Waiting for the perfect conditions may slow you down. Even if you don't feel like it, start from somewhere. You may just glide over the block in no time.

8. Don't Cross All T's

Wait! We mean this figuratively. Don't crisply finish all your ideas and be left with nothing.

Leave a little for your mind to work on in the next session. Have something whet your creative appetite and make it a lot easier.

9. Review

Reminisce. Go through some of your previous work. Your old content may activate familiar pathways and help you get past a block.


Creative blocks are quite common. You may find this statement reassuring. Cheer up; there are ways to tear down the 'block' and let your creativity flow.


1. Give Your Ideas Some Legs: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking. Stamford University. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. MarilyOppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/a0036577 Accessed: 18-02-2021.

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