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Diet and Nutrition Online Course

There's hardly a profession that hasn't diversified into a more digital mode of practice. Diet and nutrition online course today look way more different than they did even a couple of years ago. It goes far beyond just eating your greens and counting carbs. There's intermittent fasting, paleo, vegan, pegan, keto diets, and more.

And people are now all about researching for ways to help them out. According to Google Food Trends, there has been a 10x hike in search of “Best foods for” since 2005.

Also, over 50% of those searches were done on mobile devices – a real testament to the growth of m-learning today [1].

As a nutritionist, why not capitalize on this trend and create an online diet and nutrition course?

diet and nutrition online course by gurucan

Running a successful diet and nutrition online course business

Online courses are the way forward for any entrepreneur in whatever niche they are in. Regardless of whether or not they're starting up or already established companies.

With the advent of m-learning techniques, it's even easier to integrate a business idea into the network. It's also easier for clients to learn at their convenience and on-the-go.

It can seem like a daunting task especially for a fresh entrepreneur. However, if one is knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and would like to share this knowledge on a digital platform, then here are the basic steps to take to make it easier.

  1. Decide on a particular topic to focus on. It has to be something one is highly knowledgeable about and it needs to be related to their specialty.
  2. Build a curriculum. The course content needs to be standard and diverse. M-learning platforms support the use of more than just text, so one can add video, PDFs, PowerPoint, and more.
  3. Choose a host platform. This includes an online platform for the course, what potential students will be charged, marketing, lectures proper, and more [2].
  4. Figure out the right means of presenting the course. There is a wide range to choose from including text-based documents, blog posts, slides, videos, and podcasts. There’s also the possibility of combining more than one.
  5. Gather the necessary tools. Equipment like cameras, mics, professional lighting equipment, and video editing software goes a long way in making content creation easier and better. It also makes all the materials look professional [3].

Choosing a platform for a diet and nutrition online course

Having the course content ready is a great first step, but finding a platform to host it is just as important. An entrepreneur needs a platform that can support the style of their program, enable them to host their content and receive payment, as well as manage their participants.

Gurucan mobile app

With Gurucan, it’s possible to share a course and nutrition plans within the mobile app. With special features that lets one create meal plans, and both text/image and video recipes, the clients have the very best to choose from.

Plus, it's possible to add all the nutritional information and cooking time to the recipes [4].

Why choose Gurucan

Gurucan is especially great for beginners with little experience in creating or handling a course on a digital platform because:

The interface is both mobile and user-friendly

Gurucan is easy to use. With the provision of admin panels, one can easily access everything required to create their course.

There's also an analytics tab that contains all the necessary data and statistics on how the course is doing. This can help fine-tune and adjust the program to maximize benefits.

Provision of helpful tips

In every stage of the creative journey, the Gurucan team will be there to provide helpful tips for the smooth running of the business.

A user doesn't have to start over with finding new followers

The platform supports the import of a user's existing followers from their other social media platforms. With just a click of a link, the clients can follow on to the new platform [5].


It's also a highly secure platform with a strict policy to ensure that all data is protected.

Great features

The app is structured to enable a user make the best of it. From transferring their contents onto the platform to adding snippets that make it even more engaging, and lots more.

For instance, there is multiple-platform support here, so a user can switch between both mobile and desktop devices [6].

diet and nutrition online course by gurucan

Why m-learning is preferable for diet and nutrition online course

While the app supports the switch between devices, it's much better to make the course more of a mobile experience. Over 61% of the Earth's population access the internet from their mobile phones.

There really is no better way to ensure one’s brand is visible to their target audience than by making sure it's mobile-friendly.

Also, mobile devices allow the creators to personalize the user experience for their clients. That way, clients can choose whatever setting is best suited for their needs and also interact with the content creator easily [7].

Why should such a business model be used?

Here are some of the pros and cons of creating a nutrition and diet course on a mobile platform



Creating such a program on a mobile platform gives a creator and their clients some breathing space as the whole point of it being mobile-based is to make it tailored to a user's lifestyle. Materials can be shared with clients who can receive and study them on-the-go and at convenient times.


With everyone taking more of an interest in health and well-being, content creators are sure to have potential clients. Also, the flexible nature of the platform will attract even more customers.

High likelihood of succeeding

If all the steps are followed appropriately and the work is put in, then there’s a high chance of creating a successful online nutrition and diet business.


Slow visual results

It is usually slow at first and this might be discouraging as it would take some time before things pick up. However, that is why an app such as Gurucan is recommended as it supports the transfer of any existing followers of the content creator, thereby speeding up the process drastically.


It might get monotonous after a while. This is a real issue especially if it’s focused on just one aspect. Fortunately, this can be remedied by tailoring courses to suit the specific needs of the clients so there are new things to discuss.


How do I get nutrition facts for my product?

There is a lot of information out there, be sure to use reliable sources, and filter out the parts that don't quite resonate with you or your brand. NutritIO is a great tool to get these facts. It’s an advanced software that provides dieticians and nutrition professionals with the technology to create accurate diet plans. Content creators can use the advanced reporting tool to check any meal plan for dieting information and how they relate to the recommended dietary allowance.

What is the best online nutrition course?

There are numerous nutrition courses out there. Most of them are great and it will be hard to qualify one as the best. However, one has stood out as a proven system to help people gain the knowledge needed to successfully coach nutrition. That is the Precision Nutrition Certification. This program will help you master not only the science of nutrition but also the art of coaching. With it, you’re sure to get the best results for you and your clients.

How do I become a certified holistic nutritionist?

First, you need to seek a degree in a nutrition and dietetics related field. Then, you need to complete a nutrition and science course online where you will be issued and a license upon completion. Experience in form of an internship or fieldwork is recommended. You could also become a holistic nutritionist in 6 months by enrolling in an online program that provides professional training in holistic nutrition.

Are nutrition classes online hard?

The short answer is ‘not quite’. It can be time-consuming and involve a lot of necessary information. However, breaking it up into smaller modules can help make things much easier for you.

How long does it take to become a nutritionist online?

A university degree in nutrition will take about four years of undergraduate school. However, an online program such as the Precision Nutrition Certification takes an average of 4 months to complete. Although it is a ‘study at your own pace’ program, so really, you determine how long it takes.

There's a lot of courses out there on nutrition and diets - whether or not they are accurate is subject to further investigation. The best way to set oneself apart from the crowd and be taken more seriously would be to get properly certified.

So, put in the efforts now and work on a certification program before creating an online diet and nutrition course, you’ll be sure to make it in no time.


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