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September 7, 2022

Certificate of completion for knowledge business

Certificate of completion for your online course, coaching session, training program, live session participation. Why and how?

The tech advancements of the new era have condensed the world into one global village. We are constantly seeking ways to make things easier for ourselves.

We’ve moved teaching and learning outside the confines of regular classrooms. You can learn just about anything online these days and receive an official certificate of completion to add to your portfolio or resumé.

The eLearning industry is a huge one for both tutors and students.

Competition is stiff among tutors and online learning platforms.

It is estimated that more than 30% of American students are enrolled in at least one online course even though about 99% of these are physically located in the U.S [1].

As a coach, you must constantly seek out ways to be seen, heard, and stand out. You need to make a deliberate attempt to separate yourself from the bulk to be successful.

You will need many different tools to achieve this: a host platform, course creation tools, marketing tools for your content, and tools for certification.

Most students will appreciate a certificate of completion for their courses, online or offline. You should consider this for your online courses, coaching programs, and webinars.

These certificates of completion may or may not be used for formal purposes. This depends on your certification, experience, and accreditation status of your online school.

In the latter scenario, it can still be attached to a person’s resumé. It may come in handy during job searches and the selection process.

For you as a coach, this is simple, fun, and deeply rewarding.

Certificate of completion

Why You Should Offer Certificates of Completion to Your Students

Choosing a platform for your certification needs

There are tons of apps and online tools for the creation of these certificates. It can be a little confusing to make the right pick.

It is generally a good idea to choose tools that are user friendly. The Gurucan team offers a great tool for the creation of certificates for online courses.

Why you should choose Gurucan

Gurucan.com is an EdTech SaaS company. The Gurucan team believes in mobile education and offers a wide range of services to aid this.

Gurucan is an all-in-one tool for the creation, sale, and promotion of online courses.

They offer a one of a kind app available in any browser with an admin panel for you to upload, manage content, and handle customer relationships.

With their unique White Label feature, you can create your own fully branded app for added legitimacy.

With Gurucan, you have the opportunity to create online courses with texts, video, audio, images, FAQs, and quizzes.

You'll be able to run a membership model, hold live chats, virtual classes, webinars, and challenges.

The team also offers excellent options for marketing automation in the form of broadcasting and pipelines for emails, and push notifications.

Customer relationship management, chats, reports, and homework options are available. You are guaranteed a resourceful and supportive team when you use Gurucan as your elearning platform.

Certificate of completion

Gurucan’s Free Completion Certificate Builder

This is a new free feature created to enable tutors to make personalized certificates for their members.

It is fun, simple, and hassle-free. Tutors are offered a range of designs, colors, and calligraphy styles to choose from, on different templates.

Creators get to showcase their creativity.

You will need to carry out 4 simple steps:

What’s better? Gurucan offers a certificate of completion to users at no added cost.

By now, you may have realized how beneficial it is to send certificates of completion to your students. Gurucan is always available to help you achieve this.


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