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Main steps to create an online course (Part 1)

Every word starting with E letter is usually a hype. E-learning is not an exception. Online course market is skyrocketing, and Research and Markets promise it will reach approximately $325 billion by 2025. Just to compare, in 2010 it was $32 billion. Wow, that's an impressive boost! Good news — it's not late to catch the e-learning train.

Online course elearning

We know such huge numbers already got you thinking about starting your course. In your mind, you are already a guru talking about smart things in front of thousands of students from every corner of our planet. But wait! First, you need our guide on the steps required to succeed in online course business. We are here to save you from failure!

Let's start this inspiring online course building journey together!

1. Choose the topic you're an expert in for online course

There are thousands of online courses on any topic the most twisted mind will think. It may vary greatly — from fitness master classes to software development lessons. You probably never thought of this, but there are people somewhere dying to know more about Dinosaur Paleobiology.

The topic is a variable in this equation. The only constant here is you have to love and be passionate about the subject.

Don't know how to find a sphere you are good? Try to think of 3 things: your talents, your experience, and your achievements. Draw a simple table and fill it in with the stuff you love to do, you have experience at and what you have already achieved.

Talent. Experience. Achievement.

Then, try to relate three of them. Let's suppose: you're passionate about reading new books, you have experience in writing articles for a marketing agency and you have already published one book. Guess what? You should start "Publishing your first book" course immediately.

Passion and experience make a super combo for a successful online course.

2. Analyse the market supply and demand

It's not only about finding the topic you love to create an online course about. If you want to become a blogger or a guru with 6 number income, be prepared to answer the question — what problem can your course decide?

Now, as you've found a topic that you are expert at, analyse whether it's exactly what people need. Googling is the easiest way to know whether your idea has a chance for success as online course.

Ok, you've googled and see no results? Don't hurry up to celebrate that you've invented something new and revolutionary. No results mean either one of two things: there is no concurrence here, and you're a genius to be a pioneer or no one needs it. Sad to admit, the second option is more likely.

Believe us. Almost every idea was invented and tested before. If it doesn't exist, it means either people don't want it, or it has been unsuccessfully tried out by others. There is no in-between.

For your business safety, you'd better have the idea that at least can be googled. Sure, it means more competition, but you know 100% of people will search for your course.


Buzzsumo is your another assistant. It tells you what pieces of content are extremely popular and trendy now. And if your online course topic is among them, then you have all the chances to be among the bloggers that rock!

Online course Buzzsumo

Diving more deeply into your audience desires is possible with Google Keyword Planner. It gives you a better understanding of the most popular search requests connected to your topic. What's more, it helps to understand whether the course topic is too vast or too specific.

Let's be more precise. Say, you are a fitness instructor. There are probably millions of online videos with various fitness exercises. So, how to stand out of the crowd? Narrow your topic a bit. Create "Abs Workout Course" instead of popular general fitness videos. Moreover, you will get a lower bid while promoting it. Win-win situation!

The main idea is your course should solve a particular problem and give specific answers to the questions people have.


The main idea is your course should solve a particular problem and give specific answers to the questions people have.

3. Choose the right target audience

Great, the topic is chosen. But something is missing, don't you think so? Who will buy your course? That's the central question for the business owners.

Knowing your audience is a must. If there is no one ready to pay for your idea, then your whole project is doomed.

But let's tell you a little secret: you cannot satisfy everyone. Everyone-is-happy-strategy is not a winning one. The sense of the word "target audience" is the right people for your product: not everyone, but just the right ones.

One of the easiest ways to find a perfect target persona is Quora. There you can research your topic and see who ask these questions. For example, it can be a female audience or teenager audience. You can keep guessing for a long time, but it's better to read the questions and answers to know for sure. Being familiar with your audience makes it possible to adjust your online course even more.

If you are not a newbie and you have already presented in front of people, we have great news. You already have an audience potentially interested in the topic you've chosen for online course . Just ask them whether they want a course or not. It's the best way to get a clear answer. Send your existing fans a Google Form — a useful tool for surveys. Their solutions will give you a better picture of your online courses potential.

Also, it's essential to test your idea before launching. It's not enough to have thousands of fans — you need paying audience. No paying customers mean no income. So, think about pre-selling your course or making a short version to see the interest in it. Try out a smoke test: sell your course before it's even completed. Probably it's not fair enough, but you'll get the real audience begging for your idea.
Remember, you should love your online course idea, but your students should love it even more and be ready to buy it!


To be continued.

Read Part 2.

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