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Guess who’s back? Audios!

Sell audio, podcast, audio book with your brand in 2020. New old trend is 100% back to boost a digital business.

The world of digital content is constantly evolving. Now, we would like to introduce you to a growing trend that might just be worth your time.

Audio content. This doesn't mean the audio from videos or vice versa. Rather, it refers to real, audio-specific content creation, and marketing.

Is it worth the hype though?

A staggering amount of people wear headphones on the bus, as they walk down the street, while sitting at a café, and just about anywhere. This shows just how easy it is to listen to audio content such as music and more.

Podcasts particularly fit this model. 51% of the US population have listened to a podcast at some point – that’s over half of the country's population. Every week, about 62 million people listen to podcasts [1].

These are really promising figures that a content creator should take advantage of.

sell audio with gurucan in 2020

What are the types of audio content available?

From AM/FM radio programs to podcasts and eBooks, audio content formats are numerous. Not just these, this industry could support businesses that handle processes such as the conversion of written text into spoken word, and even the recognition of voice commands through smart speakers.

However, not all of them are relevant to you as a content creator.

For instance, how would a small scale content creator handle the incredible amount of work and resources it takes to run a satellite radio station?

Let's review the more relevant, content creator friendly audio formats


A blend of iPod and broadcast, podcasts originally began as an ingenious way for individuals with a message to get it out there for different listeners. Now, it has grown to much bigger levels with individuals, companies, networks, and more adopting this type of information dissemination.

So far in 2020, there are about 850,000 active podcasts with over 30 million episodes. More than just the actual content sharing, advertisement efforts are great here with advertising revenue expected to surpass 1 billion in 2021 [2].

A great feature of these is that it can be fully customized to a creator’s taste. From style and format to even length, it's all on them to choose what best suits their brand.


“Audiobooks are for people who hate reading and for those of us who love reading”…Matthew Rubery couldn't have said it any better.

Another fortunate result from the mobile device craze, the number of people listening to these has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. They let users read in situations they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to read in.

Do you have an eBook? Take things a step further and convert it into an audiobook!

All you've got to do is prep the book for recording. Then, decide on who will record it. You’ve got two options here - hire an audiobook narrator or record it yourself, at home or in a studio with a producer.

We do recommend hiring a narrator as they’ve likely got an acting skillset and will narrate the book so it feels more personal to a listener. Plus, they are relatively cheap and you could easily find a freelancer for this job [3].

Meditation series

Type ASMR into YouTube and you will be treated to a huge cache of relaxing videos. Just goes to show how much people now crave peace and calmness.

This is especially great for people who want to help others find some inner peace while still getting an income. It’s best to write a great script for the series, add some relaxing music, record it, and of course market strategically.

With a smartphone and some headphones, you can start recording your medication series. Also, investing in a mic for your computer USB port is a great upgrade for providing better quality [4].

Audio courses

Instead of creating the typical written/ video online courses, a content creator could instead make them into an audio format. This is a great way to get information across without having to deal with the stress of videos. Think people don't go for this? Think again. Just check out the number of audio courses available online, on Udemy, Coursera, and more.

Audiofy” your web content

A content creator with some written content, such as articles or blog posts can convert them into audio. This is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Simply insert a piece of code on your site which can integrate with the website and convert written content into words. This way, your audience can listen to it on their devices [5].

sell audio with gurucan

Advantages to sell audio

There are numerous benefits of this type of content creation including:

  1. It is very personal for both creators and listeners. Audio is directly communicated to the listeners and the creator can make their personality shine through here.
  2. It's also very engaging but without needing a listener to be stuck in a place for hours, making it super easy to incorporate into someone’s routine [6].
  3. Most audio-type contents are cloud-based, eliminating the usual constraints from the hardware.
  4. The content market is already saturated. Going in the direction of audio content creation lets you put something fresh out there, thereby providing an edge against competitors in the market.
  5. The audience here is a bit more dedicated. For instance, podcast listeners often tune in for every episode as they are often part of a larger series [7].

But hey! You don't have to listen to just word of mouth... Let's give you some ‘inspiration’.

One of the most used apps out there – Spotify - a primarily music-oriented app plans to spend $500 million diversifying into other audio formats, podcasts especially. It's estimated that over time, 20% of all Spotify content will be non-music [8].

You probably don't have $500 million lying around, but that shouldn't stop you from expanding your brand into a more audio friendly one.

Sell audio: how can a content creator leverage the opportunities here?

Choose your preferred model

Podcasts? Audiobooks? Or any other model…it’s up to you. There’s certainly enough variety here, so you can make your pick.

Make it a bit more defined

Choosing a model is great. Now, you've got to fine-tune it a bit more. If you perhaps decide to go with podcasts, figure out what it will be about and work on an outline.

Audiobook? Have you got an eBook ready? No? Well, get on it then. Create a stockpile of your best content and get ready to record it.

Find a suitable host platform to sell audio

It's best to use one which not only support you putting out your content but also gives further help. That said, this platform should enable you to upload your content, gather your audience, market your work, sell your content, and of course, receive your payment. All this in addition to any further technical assistance you may require.

Choose your target audience

Fully audio content isn't for everybody. In addition to picking an audio format, also decide on the audience you intend to cater to. Then, tailor the content to fit this audience.

Get your equipment

While you can probably get away with just your phone and headphones for some of these audios, some will require a bit more. For instance, to record a good quality podcast, you will need a computer, microphones, audio interface, mixer, mic stands, and more [9]. Also, most audio content does require the work of a professional in a studio for the best results.

Create and market your audio content

At this point, all you've got to do is record your work and launch it on your website. Then, slowly build your audience. Advertise on social media. Reach out to influencers. Work with other audio enthusiasts to talk about you on their platform. You know…the whole shebang.

Monetise and sell audio content

There are several ways a content creator can monetize audio content. Firstly, they could charge directly for their content. For instance, people could pay to have access to an audiobook.

One could also sell merchandise or utilize ads for their podcast. Statistics show that 50% of listeners are likely to buy from brands that advertise via podcast [10].

Next, let's talk about affiliate links. This works best if the audience is interested in the type of deals being brought to them. Perhaps, do a market survey and then search out brands that fit into that to work with them.

Get sponsored. These sponsors can either help to attract a larger audience to make money from or give the content creator the help needed to promote their brand.

Sell audio content with Gurucan

Everything a digital business needs to succeed can be found on this ed-tech startup, Gurucan.

How can you use Gurucan to create/boost your audio content business?

For starters, this platform allows you to create and upload your content. A super advantage here is that Gurucan is a customized mobile app.

How many people have you seen connect their headphones to their laptops and listen to a podcast while walking down the road? Probably none. If you're going to create audio content, make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

That's perfect because Gurucan offers an all-in-one mobile platform that gives you all the tools you need to create and launch your app without having to be a tech guru.

They can also help you with a great marketing strategy. From email newsletters, which you can configure to be automatically sent out to your followers, to broadcast messages via push notifications.

On the subject of followers, Gurucan lets you import your existing followers from other platforms.

It's also very easy to monetize your content and accept payments with Gurucan using Stripe, which is excellent for international payments as well [11].

What's more?

Gurucan not only enables you to create and launch your content on a mobile platform, but it also lets you create a mobile app or use a white-label app. All in all, this is one of the best ways to leverage your new audio brand and get the most out of it.

sell audio


How do you monetize audio?

Charge for your content. Offer premium audio content on a subscription and membership model that people can pay to have access to. And of course, ad revenue, selling of merchandise, and sponsorships.

How do I sell audio recordings?

First, you can use digital platforms such as Gurucan to sell your recordings. You could also use ACX programs that let you sell audiobooks on Amazon, iTunes, and more. Secondly, you could set up shop on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to sell your audio content. Also, you could use the good old way of delivering audio content on physical CDs.

Where can I sell my audiobooks?

You can sell them on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. You could also create your own Shopify store and sell them. Also, on learning management software such as Gurucan where you can place a link to whatever store your audio is available on, so your audience can have access to downloading them.

Where can I sell my downloadable products?

Simple…e-commerce platforms! These platforms are excellent for the creation of all sorts of digital content. There are a ton of them out there including Shopify, Sellfy, Sellz, and Member press.

Can you sell back audible books?

This is possible with some e-commerce platforms. Just check the policies beforehand. It does help that the policies of ‘Audible’ as regards their audiobooks are quite flexible.

How do you monetize a podcast?

There are numerous options here. Charge listeners for access to the channel, as well as premium episodes. Consider creating paid membership tiers or subscription options. Also, selling sponsorships, merchandise, ads, or even affiliate sales is a great way to monetize podcasts.

Is there money in podcasting?

Yes, there is! One of the most popular podcasts out there – The Joe Rogan Experience makes about $800,000 per episode. Podcast advertising costs came up to $678 million in 2019, and are expected to surpass $1 billion by 2021. Smaller-scale podcasters could earn $25 to $40 from advertisers for every 1,000 listeners. According to Advertise Cast, the average rate for podcast advertising is $18 CPM (cost per 1,000 listeners) for a 30-second ad and $25 CPM for a 60-second ad.

Ultimately, a diverse portfolio never hurt anyone. Having content in various formats, from audio to video and written, does help to launch your brand further than it might have otherwise gone.

Reach out to the Gurucan team for more information on how they can help you with this for successful integration into your brand – or even creation of an entirely new brand…either way, you're covered!


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