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What Are White Label Mobile Apps

With millions of mobile apps available across the world, it can often appear that every business is hiring their own in-house development team to keep up with the latest trends in app development.

However, this is far from the case.

Your brand

White label mobile apps development is one of the biggest kept secrets in the mobile application sphere. As technology develops, more and more businesses are turning to external developers to create beautiful, functional, and cost-effective applications for them.

How do you label a product, how does white labeling work?

So, what is a white label app?

Put simply, a white label app is one that’s developed by an external team and rebranded to appear as if the business that contracted the app made it themselves.

How do you label a product, how does white labeling work

White label app development is possible in one of two ways. Either you can pay for a “multi-tenant” app, in which the front end is rebranded for your use, but remains similar to that of other businesses that use that app. You can either create these apps yourself with a white label app builder, or they’ll be created for you. This is what you’ll get if you go through a SaaS (software as a service) company like Gurucan.

Or, you can go for the more expensive option. It will mean paying for a developer to create an app specifically for you.

Pros of white label mobile apps
Pros of white label mobile appsPros of white label mobile apps

Pros and Cons of White Label Mobile Apps

White label apps can work for every kind of business. However, before you dive into finding a white label app builder, it’s worth considering whether your business needs a fully customized service vs. a multi-tenant app.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to paying a white label app developer to create something you can brand as your own.

Pros of White Label Apps

External development teams mean you don’t have to hire your own developers, saving you money. You’ll only pay for the development and upkeep time that you need.

Access to mobile app experts, so you won’t be spending months in the development and planning phase. You’ll also have experts on hand to guide you through the process.

Synchronization with other smartphone apps lets you connect your customers with your website, social media, and contact details. Quickly and easily.

High levels of customization if you’re able to pay for a fully customized white label app for your business, or you use a custom white label app builder.

Cons of White Label Apps

Higher than normal chance of being rejected from the app store, because both Android and Apple app stores will scan the app’s code and description which may have been used for both your app and those of other clients.

Limited customization if you’re paying a developer to create an app from a template instead of something custom built for you.

How Can I Find A Reliable White Label Mobile App Developer

Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to make sure that the developers you’re hiring are professional and work with integrity. After all, the last thing you want is for a scam artist to run away with your hard-earned cash, or a cowboy coder to create an app that doesn’t work.

That’s why it’s vital to ask your developer about their process. Some key questions to have in mind are:

About White Label App Development

About White Label App Data

About White Label App Maintenence

When you’re asking these questions, make sure to note what the white label app developer is saying - and not saying. If they refuse to answer any questions, redirect them back onto you, or ignore them entirely, it’s a sure sign that they’ll likely be a source of further issues if you hire them.

Any reliable white label app builder should not only be able to answer your questions in full. But should always be on hand to address your concerns throughout the development process.

White label mobile apps faq

White Labelling Apps Some Questions Answered

Is White Labelling Apps Legal

Yes, white label apps are legal, and they’re far more prevalent than you may realize. As smartphones have grown in popularity, many businesses are paying for white label app builders. Why? So customers always have access to their business.

What Is A White Label Partnership

A white label partnership refers to your business working with an external white label app developer. However, unlike traditional marketing agencies, a white label app developer allows you to repackage their work and replace their branding with your own. They also won’t take credit for the services they provide you.

Can I Develop My Own White Label App

White label app development is best left to the professionals, as they’ll not only be able to create an app that suits your business, it’ll also save you time and money throughout the process. Unless you’re already experienced with mobile app creation, or already hire someone who is, contracting an external company is your best option.

Is Apple Banning White Label Apps

Apple’s App Store Guidelines have recently been updated to say that any apps that share a common template or codebase will be rejected, which makes it more difficult for white label apps to be uploaded and approved. However, if you contract an external company to make a fully custom white label app with a unique codebase, then you shouldn’t run into this problem.

How Much Does It Cost For A White Label Mobile App

There’s no limit on how much it costs for a white label mobile app, as every development team is different. However, the pricing can reflect the quality you can expect. It’s reasonable to expect that a white label mobile app will cost upwards of $6000 for quality service, but you’ll have to factor in additional costs depending on the app solution you want for your business.

What’s The Best Way To Find White Label Mobile Apps

At Gurucan, we can walk you through creating your own white label mobile app every step of the way. From your initial design to app approval on the app stores, our Gurus are here to help you. Let’s find the best app solution for your business. To find out more, calculate a price, or chat to one of our friendly developers, click here!

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