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September 7, 2022

How To Create a Yoga Course Online

yoga course online
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Now more than ever, as yoga continues to grow in popularity and the market is saturated with physical studios and yoga teachers, it's a great time to consider moving your yoga course and classes online.

Coronavirus-induced caution and complacency will continue to influence how yoga will be practiced for months and years. Hopefully, people will begin trickling back to yoga studios to enjoy the energy and personal connection of in-person classes. However, even the most ardent supporters of physical studios concede that most of them are less economically viable now than they were pre-Covid.

Regardless of the economic viability of a physical studio presence, taking the time to create, build, and grow your online presence to teach yoga will allow you to proactively define your online niche. You may well wind up making more money this way. Yoga instructors with significant online followings can earn an average of $7,500 a month.

This straightforward guide will show you one of the most effective ways to teach yoga online: create an online yoga course with Gurucan.

We’ll discuss how to start your own digital business and create a yoga course online. You can distribute your yoga content directly to a base of members who subscribe to your services.

Why create an online yoga course?

Moving your yoga instruction online lets you reach thousands of people who can benefit from your unique teaching style (from the comfort and safety of your own space).

Build a community of individuals who can add and contribute to this process by participating in member forums or live webinars.

Create the content on your own schedule at your own convenience. Your students can then view content on their own at any time, wherever they may be.

Teaching online is a highly scalable pursuit. If you keep a long-term perspective, you can continue to grow and expand your base for years to come.

How to create a yoga course online

Define your niche.

Carefully consider your passion and expertise. Look at your strengths and weaknesses to decide what you would like to focus on in your online instruction. If your teaching style and following are already well defined, this may be as simple as moving your current instruction from offline to online.

To move online, create an online yoga course that functions as a membership site. Here, members gain access by subscribing to your content. They simply log in and click on yoga flows, tutorials, or concepts that you’ve uploaded on your course home page.

Alternatively, look at current offerings and find ways to set yourself apart from other online offerings before creating content. Examine what makes your yoga practice different. With a potential audience of millions of people who have internet access, you need to be specific about what you bring to the table.

Spend plenty of time deciding what you’d like your online presence to look like because it informs each step that you take afterward. Settle on a clearly definable segment of people who will want to make your course. Then jot down some ideas, including online course topics or subjects for live streams or webinars that will be on-brand for you.

Create your content.

This part requires some time and commitment to nail everything down. Find the answers to the following questions to figure out how to create content for your online yoga style:

· Where will you record demonstrations? Recording from home is a convenient option. Just find a space that’s welcoming, quiet, and preferably well-lit.

· What equipment will you use to film? You can record videos with your phone or a webcam. You may want to consider artificial light fixtures or a microphone for better audio. Decide which video editing software will work best for you, too, and get familiar with it. If you plan to live-stream classes or webinars, make sure that your wi-fi is reliable.

· What teaching style will you use? For pre-recorded yoga classes, there are a few styles that you can try. Instruct from your mat as you would in front of a live class, record studio sessions with a model or two, or provide voice-over as you perform the sequences yourself. Find what works best for you and resonates with your audience, then go with that.

· Will you offer written content, too? A blog is a great way to engage your community regularly, and developing a periodic newsletter can help you cultivate your online following. You can also upload instructional pdfs and create workbooks for your students to download, too. Whatever you decide to do, treat it as art, as your individual expression keeps from becoming overwhelmed and allows you the freedom to find your online yoga voice.

· How will you grow? Consider what you may need to scale your growth over time and plan for it. How will you develop your brand and keep it consistent?

yoga course gurucan

Build your course.

Once your content is complete, upload it to a course management platform like Gurucan. Gurucan’s intuitive interface provides multimedia hosting (including videos) and templates for online courses. With access to user-friendly tools, you can easily upload your content, host challenges or webinars, post to your course blog, interact with members through community chats or send e-mail and push notifications, all from the same site.

Market your online yoga course.

Gurucan can also help you manage your course's marketing component to help you successfully monetize your yoga course with the following:


· Build a course website. Design your homepage and landing pages that will funnel members to your site. This takes a few minutes and barely any tech skills on the Gurucan site, saving you time and effort. Create a website that represents your brand with just a few clicks.

· Design your digital storefront. Decide what you want to charge for one-time, monthly, or annual membership access to your course and content. Build responsive converting landing pages with a few simple clicks. Use the space to introduce, explain, promote, and convince potential clients of your course's value. On the final sales page, they can easily sign up. Gurucan offers integrated membership management to collect payments and track purchases.


· Engage your current students with e-mail and push notifications. If you have an active e-mail or text list, let your students know that you have created an online course and send them a link to check it out. Create e-mail and push notifications on the platform to inform students of new updates or course offerings as necessary.

· Create a free trial offering. Offer a free online class in exchange for contact information to keep in contact with potential clients. Drop a link on your social media platforms to drive traffic to your online course. Gurucan makes it easy to track and follow-up on conversions with a free trial mode.

· Automating tasks. Set up rules for sending an automatic welcome e-mail upon successful enrollment. It may include helpful tips and instructions, or an invitation to your Facebook group.


· Promote your course on social media. Offer content on your yoga brand's Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channels to encourage your followers to purchase or subscribe. If you have a Facebook group, use those interactions to build trust and rapport with future yogis.

· Manage affiliates. As you grow, keeping track of affiliates who lead people to your online offerings may come into play. Gurucan can help you handle who refers people to your site to reward them as you need to.

Mobile app

· Make your online yoga course mobile. Having your content accessible via mobile is imperative for engaging with your on-the-go clientele. With Gurucan, your workshops and courses will be available in mobile apps for Android and iOS.


· Figure out what works. Use your easy-to-access dashboard to see which courses perform best and prepare for the future. By paying attention to the engagement analytics, you gain valuable feedback from your members to stay ahead of the curve.


Now is the perfect time to move your yoga studio online. Creating a digital offering will allow you to reach a large potential following of future students who will resonate with your teaching, quite literally from the safety and comfort of your home if that is what you choose. It is the ultimate form of expression, allowing you creativity to shape and deliver a message of your choosing to a specific group of students.

Once you settle on how you will best engage with your future yogis, create content that delivers a valuable message consistent with your brand. An integrated course management platform like Gurucan can help you quickly upload videos and documents and let you engage with your students.

Once you've put together a professional course, you can market it to current students as well as those who follow your brand on social media. Track and manage conversions collect payments using Gurucan’s seamless interface so that you can focus on creating content that your members enjoy. Continue to grow your online following well beyond what you could from the confines of the four physical studio walls.

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