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Whether you give advice on financials, life, psychology or any other business field. Enabling your audience to tune in on demand is key to scale your advisory business.

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Gurucan course


Create more value for your users - on demand.

Share your knowledge in neatly build online courses which you can monetize by enabling either one-time fees or monthly subscriptions.

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Paid (or free) Webinars

As an advisor, you'll want to offer 1on1 sessions for your clients. With our built-in webinar tool, you can run 1on1's, small or large webinars. Free or paid.

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Ready to take your advisory to the next level?

We bring the tech, you provide the content! Start building your online advisory within minutes!

Gurucan mobile app

Engage on web and mobile

With Gurucan you can offer on-demand access to your content on Web, iOS & Android. Offer 24/7 access to your knowledge.

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Your sales on autopilot

Launching a new class? Got news to share? Easily automate your marketing efforts with our built-in automation tool.

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White label app by Gurucan

Offer your own app

Our white label solution enables you to build your own brand! Offer your personal brand on Google Play and App Stores.

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Which industries can go from offline to online?

Almost any! We believe in the power of knowledge. We have it all, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Financial Advisors, Teachers and many more who extend their business to their existing and new audience.

Why should I go digital with my business?

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