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Ecourse Trends Guide 2021 by Gurucan

Discover the ecourse trends this year. Have insights about the e-learning market, choose the best niches for online courses, and get online course ideas.

Times have changed into something even more digital. It's been a long time coming. A few decades back, one had to be in a physical school or traditional environment for any type of learning to take place.

That's a massive change from what is offered now. From the comfort of your bedroom, you can not only learn and become certified in a course but also you can create your course and put it out there for a worldwide class of students.

E-courses go beyond an educational tool for students or individuals interested in learning. It can also be used by businesses to train their staff or even educate their customers on a product. Content creators are not left out of this niche.

ecourse trends guide

Ecourse Trends – Educational Trends This Year

Customized learning

With e-learning mostly tailored to the millennials who are more tech-savvy, it functions better with content that caters to their needs. Generalized teaching or learning is slowly fizzling away. Even with online courses, teachers prefer the option of personalized teaching tailored to a student’s needs.

Student-centered learning

This is more concerned with the need of the students/learners. Here, the learners have a say in the planning and evaluation of their classes. Also, teachers are more likely to consult rather than order when it comes to students’ educations [1].

Technological advancements

The face of technology is constantly changing, and its changes impact all that it encompasses. One of these is education. More innovative teaching methods are cropping up all over thanks to emerging technology.

With machine learning algorithms, pattern recognition can be used to personalize content to a learner’s needs. Also, there are now ways of improving the learning curve to improve retention and learning outcomes [2].

Internet of Things

This isn’t meant for just the corporate organizations or the tech industry. The education sector has a lot to gain from the IoT. It complements the traditional learning environment with an integrated system of more advanced and effective learning tools.

Bite-sized learning

More than just one of the ecourse trends, this is one of the features of m-learning. With information broken into smaller modules, it’s easier for students to learn. It also increases their retention rates and makes it easier to assimilate information on the go [3].

ecourse trends 2020

There are a few terms you should be familiar with before we dig deeper

Even after life became a bit more digital, making an e-course on your own still seemed challenging. Granted, computers were available to help but that was about it.

Let's see what some of the breakthroughs in online learning that has led up to this moment are:


This is the use of electronic devices (such as laptops and PCs) as well as the internet for online education. It's a bit structured and relatively formal. It’s also more suited for longer and broader topics.


This is still online learning but optimized for mobile devices instead of computers. It's certainly more flexible and less formal than e-learning. M-learning courses can be delivered on the go, anywhere, and anytime. Unlike e-learning, this is more suited for shorter modules.

These forms of online learning are great and offer numerous benefits.

From quick delivery and evaluation of learning to customizable content and learning support, the creation of such courses has played a huge role in the way e-courses panned out over the years.

The global e-learning market was pegged at $101 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach over $370 billion by 2026 [4].

This growth is a result of the massive boom in the industry. Exactly how ecourse trends are made. People are paying more for online courses and there's no such a shortage of material being put on there.

Some people are even learning courses online so they can begin to teach others online.

ecourse trend mobile gurucan

What exactly is an e-course?

Is it as simple as an electronic/online form of education? Probably. An e-course refers to any online course created to teach a skill or subject outside of a traditional, offline setting.

E-courses can still be part of school programs or a program offered by various other platforms, from businesses to organizations and individuals.

What makes e-courses popular?

With the above benefits, there's little wonder why e-courses are so popular. Although popular might be putting it lightly. In 2010, online courses had a value of about $32 billion. They are projected to reach a massive $375 billion in 2025 [6].

Create ecourse

Creating an e-course

Here's what you need to do:

Choose the topic you can create a course on

This should be a topic you’re an expert at. Not just one of the ecourse trends. Bogus course creators can be spotted from a mile away. You must be knowledgeable and passionate about the topic you choose.

Below are a few things that should help you decide:

Have an outline

This outline should detail what the learning outcomes will be. What will your students learn and how are they going to successfully apply it in real life? Then, create the course outline.

Schools have a curriculum so, you should have something similar. An outline that can at a glance tell students and even potential clients what the course is about [7].

Decide on the method of delivery

There's numerous format you could use to deliver your course. There’s video, written files, audio, or a combination of them all.

With videos, you do have to get some proper equipment so you don't put out videos that look like they were shot during an apocalypse. A tripod, mics, a good camera, and lighting equipment will go a long way here.

Audio e-courses have been on the rise lately. They can make your audience feel like you're focusing directly on them. Almost everyone has their headphones on at all times, so the potential here is huge.

And audio courses simply provide more flexibility. People can listen to them anytime and anywhere without having to be stuck at the computer for hours.

Written courses were the first formats of e-learning and are still doing great. You can use this as email services, PDFs, slide presentations, and more. And while they feel impersonal most times, they provide an opportunity for learners to truly learn at their own pace.

Alternatively, a combination of all three formats would work rather nicely.

Create the content

Now, this is where the real work comes in. You've got to write now. Whether you type straight into your computer or if your writing process must come with putting pen-to-paper, just start the actual creation process.

Even if it's a video or audio course, you still need an outline or template otherwise you end up winging it and quite possibly not creating quality content [8].

Do a lot of research. Don't just write off the top of your head. You need to appear as an authority in that field to retain your client and attract more.

Just put in the work.

Choose your platform

This is just as important as creating the course content, otherwise, how are you going to get it out there. Whatever you do, ensure the platform you choose supports m-learning.

E-courses are all about flexibility. Restricting people to a computer all day isn't a great selling point.

The platform should also have an excellent LMS for all your learning needs [9].

Monetize your course

The price should be great for you and your students. Don't price it too low in an act of desperation. Most people tend to take the more expensive courses more seriously.

But don't overprice it. You might get some students but not nearly enough. Perhaps, start little and increase over time. But be sure to add more value as you increase the price.

Market your e-course

Market it using social media, other educational content creators, paid ads with influencers, and more. Also, make sure your content is SEO optimized. That way, a simple Google search will bring it to your potential clients.

ecourse trends

Ecourse Trends

We’ve talked about how online learning has changed over the years. What's crazy is that it's not slowing down. More developments keep coming up in the online learning sphere.

Embrace the change and work it into the fabric of your brand. If you're not open to change, chances are that you will be left behind grappling with the old ways. While you might be comfortable there, your clients certainly won’t be.

At the forefront of e-course marketing is the promise of new and exciting channels. That said, here are some interesting ecourse trends

Online communities

Online communities are currently booming as a way for a group of people – students, coworkers, customers, or just about any other group of online learners to come together and share knowledge or similar interests.

Everyone needs a support system. Providing this support system is a great way to cater to the needs of your members.

If you're running an online course, you could set aside a day or so for group live chats on various social media platforms. But be sure to be present. You are, after all, the leader of this community; take this position seriously and let your content reflect your values.

Subscription and membership sites

This goes beyond a monetizing strategy. It creates an organized structure that might make people feel more in tune with the online community.

This is especially true when certain features or contents are only available to members who have subscribed to the community. Plus, it’s easier to access, renew, and receive regular content.

Creative ways of adding value

Adding value to your course is an excellent way to stand out in a saturated market, be it e-courses or other digital products. It’s pertinent to upgrade your course content. From the actual design of your courses to filling in the gaps in the niche. Add great resources, materials, and more to help your course.

Extra coaching

This is a great way to relate more on a personal level with your clients. Offering some extra coaching through Skype or email is a possible way to do this. These coaching services can involve personal discussions between you and your clients. You can also monetize this service to make even more profit.

Certificate of course completion

What comes after a traditional school? Graduation of course!

But wait!

Before you start thinking of a graduation theme, remember we’re talking about online courses here. Your best bet to finalize things is to create a Certificate of Online Course Completion.

It adds an extra level of authenticity to your course. It's also a great marketing strategy. And you can help your students in the job market or just give them an extra sense of success.

Choose an online platform for this. For instance, with Gurucan’s free Completion Certificate Builder, you can easily create certificates for your students and even send it directly to them.

Extra formats of learning

From audio content such as podcasts to webinars or even live meet-ups, there are quite a few extra ways you can change the look of your course. It's all about the best communication modes for you and your clients [10].

And that's some of the latest ecourse trends. Keep your ears to the ground for more.

Whenever there’s a new trend, jump on it, but of course, add your spice and own them.

Most Profitable Online Courses

Some online courses stand out over others, helping creators rake in the cash. That’s how ecourse trends are formed. Can you guess which would come first on that list?

If you said technology or computer-related courses, then you guessed right. It's not surprising anyway, considering how IT-related professions are among the most in-demand jobs, with everyone trying to get in on them.

Also, this industry always supports remote working. So, you can learn it online, practice it online, and make money online.

Then, there are courses on business and entrepreneurship, content creation, health, beauty, and lifestyle, as well as education and personal development courses.

These are all profitable as well. Take an in-depth look into each of them, see what they've got to offer, and make your choice.

Bestselling Online Courses

There's no universal platform that decides what the bestselling online course is. However, based on ratings and the number of learners, some courses are doing better than others.

Based on the top industry ecourse trends - Technology, and Science, here are two of the most popular courses on Coursera and Udemy:

Take a look at these ecourse trends and try to get a feel of them. This might help you figure out what makes them such bestsellers.

ecourse trends

Gurucan as a platform for all your e-course needs

To create an excellent e-course, you need an equally excellent e-course platform that also supports most digital ecourse trends. The EdTech SaaS, Gurucan, is perfect for the creation of e-courses on so many levels.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider creating your online courses with Gurucan and follow ecourse trends:


Is online learning the future of education?

Yes, it is. The concept of traditional education has changed so much over the years. And online education offers a range of benefits including flexibility, a wide selection of programs, easy access, supports personalization, and is way cheaper.

Is online learning better?

When online courses are done right, they can be as good as or even better than traditional learning. Some studies have found that students in some online learning situations performed better than those in traditional schools.

Why is online learning more effective?

M-learning and e-learning always have an LMS which likely has a low learning curve, thereby increasing retention rates and understanding. Also, with online learning, students take on more learning materials but still have a more flexible timing arrangement which increases effectiveness.

What are the effects of online learning?

With online learning, different people in different places all have equal access to effective education. It's also easier for students with social anxiety to fit in and open up in an online learning environment more.

What do I need to create an online course?

First, you must have an idea of what direction to take. Then develop this idea into a feasible plan. Work with your plan to create your course outline and content. Finally, find a platform that supports your vision of an online course and launch it. This platform should be mobile-friendly and also have a solid LMS.

How do I choose a course topic?

Figure out two things - what you can teach and who you can teach. Expand both answers and decide on an appropriate topic that fits them both. And be sure it's something you're passionate about.

What courses are appropriate for online learning?

Online education supports almost all topics. From business to content creation and web development and several others. However, courses that require more hands-on training such as CPR training and driving may not be well-suited for online learning. Factor this into picking your course.

What are the most profitable niches online?

Some of the best niches for online courses include technology and science or ICT, business and entrepreneurship, arts, content creation, health and lifestyle, education, and personal development.

What are the top-selling online courses?

Online courses in technology and ICT are some of the bestselling courses out there.

How do you find the most profitable niche?

With a lot of research and dedication. Go where the audience is but be sure to scope out the competition and add value to your content.

With online courses, one of your best marketing tools is your customer. Happy clients make for happy course creators. On that note, endeavor to make your course as learner-centered as possible.

If it’s your first time in the e-course business, this post is an excellent guide for you. However, start small. Don’t go for a major course that will lead you to burn out.

Build your audience and your brand. Don’t forget to reach out to Gurucan…let’s help you create a great course!


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