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September 7, 2022

Personal Growth Courses as a Business Idea for Digital Businesses

We’re in an era where almost everyone has realized that they could have some form of potential buried within them. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their lives and harness the skills they possess.

However, there are a lot of phony self-help “experts” abound who rip people off by finding false motivational speeches to pass off as the real deal.

Do you have a skill that could give people a sense of the organized and systematic approach to the life they desire? Then go on ahead and create a personal growth/development course online.

Personal growth

Personal Development Industry

Currently, personal development businesses are one of the most creative ways to make money as an entrepreneur while still helping people. Another plus is that it highly supports digital models of the business so one can definitely set up their business online and succeed with it.

This business lets thought leaders leverage the latest in m-learning technology to promote their brand. And with a strong demographic available to receive the products, all an entrepreneur needs is to get started [1].

Here’s how to get started

Beginning an online business to create and provide personal growth courses can be done on every browser, whether desktop or mobile.

However, the Gurucan app (supported by both iOS and Android devices) is perhaps one of the most solid platforms available for such business models. As a mobile-based LMS for digital entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, and businesses, the app can be personalized to fit any model of online school. Users can even offer membership options for their clients [2].

How can Gurucan help create successful online personal growth courses?

Once a person has chosen a particular topic from a broad subject to focus on, they must analyze the market and determine who their target audience will be. Then, they have to create a course outline and content.

At this point, everything aside from the actual platform to host is ready. And that's where Gurucan comes in.

Gurucan has an easy-to-use mobile-friendly interface that makes learning that much easier. It also has great customer support ethics and provides a team that is willing to guide a creator every step of the way.

It supports the import and export of followers from a client's other platforms. That way, the online community stays together and there’s no risk of losing followers when migrating to the new platform [3].

Why should personal growth courses have a subscription and membership model?

While some creators don't believe in using this model to sell their digital content, the value is undeniable. This model allows a creator to provide unique content for their customers at an agreed-upon price and duration.

This offers some solid benefits including

white label app by gurucan

Another great option for creators is to use white label mobile apps

Launching a business in the digital world with white label apps is a common and smart way to go in this industry. A white label app is typically developed by an external team and rebranded to appear as if the business it’s made for created it themselves.

A business owner can either choose to have the app created specifically for them or just use one similar to other businesses except in the front end which could be tailored to their brand.

Pros of using white-label mobile apps

  1. Outsourcing this task to an external company will save the business some money as opposed to hiring an app developer.
  2. This model provides a business with the opportunity to work with experts in the field of mobile app development so they get the best value for their money.
  3. This app creates room for a business to connect their customers to all their apps, websites, and other social media platforms.
  4. The app can be customized to suit a business’s specific needs.


  1. If a business goes with the more limited option of only creating the app on a front end basis, then they'll also have limited customizable features.
  2. There's a possibility that app stores might reject the app especially if the exact code has been used for other clients.

However, the pros seem to outweigh the cons by far. That said, it is advisable to implement this model for an online business. Business owners can reach out to Gurucan to help them through every stage of creating a white-label app, from the design to launching on the app store [5].

Personal Growth Courses to provide

There's a lot an entrepreneur can choose to focus on here. It seems most people can tell when a content creator has no authority in their supposed field and are churning out half-baked content.

It is much better to pick a focus that the creator is good at and develop it, rather than trying to create and sell something wholly new. After all, a Jack of all trades is a master of none.

Personal growth courses ideas

Here are some of the top personal development skills to make into a digital business

Cognitive flexibility

This is an area of personal development that helps people improve their ability to adapt to changing situations, boost their awareness levels, as well to increase their confidence.

Leadership and influencing skills

Leadership is all about an individual's ability to step up and take charge when the situation calls for it. This relates to influencing as influences are held highly by the people who listen to them. Anyone who can offer to teach people how to master them has got something good going.


This is more than just an appreciation of talent in fields such as the arts. It also implies a way of thinking and looking at things from different perspectives. Courses on this concept should have clear goals and tactics that can be applied in real life to apply creativity in problem solving and other tasks.


A lack of definite structure and planning almost always leads to an individual, no matter how talented they are, burning out and eventually failing at a task. Try to create a tool on a digital platform that could help people devise an efficient means of organizing themselves and their work.

Job hunters

There's only so much a well-arranged resumé can do for a job hunter in an interview room. People need guidance in navigating the labor industry. On that note, consider offering courses that teach interview skills, negotiation skills, and more.

Personal growth

Most people don’t know there’s more to “Personal Development” than personal growth. In all aspects of their lives, people crave growth and would want nothing more than a structured way to “unblock their chakras” and succeed in their various endeavors.


2020 has certainly been a hard year, from pandemics to economic crises and fighting against racial injustice, people will benefit from solid ideas in the quest for happiness. It’ll be great to make this into a digital course [6].

A good entrepreneur is sure to come up with several viable course options from the above options and more.

Creating a free online personal growth course

Giving out free courses online sounds like a redundant approach to business, considering the huge amount of effort that goes into creating content and more for a digital course.

However, implementing this strategy with a solid business plan can build a pool of potentially paying clients and boost sales. One just has to be a little patient and they will reap the benefits of the program in no time.

Here are some reasons to consider giving away free personal growth courses

  1. It will give people an idea of what the main course will be. And if it's great, chances are they will want more and be willing to pay for it.
  2. It helps a business build loyal clients who will stick by them and not their competitors.
  3. Most businesses are profit-oriented and might not even have any interest in the actual personal growth of their clients. If a brand shows they are not just about the money, people will be convinced that they’re not just in it for the money.

Things content creators should do before giving away content for free

Of course, there are freeloaders abound, so a developer must be strategic in giving away courses. A great way to do this is for the business owner to get the content to as many people as possible so they make more sales over time which can cancel out the losses.

They must ensure these posts meet SEO standards. Also, a business needs to diversify the platforms on which they share their free content so there are more chances of it going viral and bringing in more clients [7].

Personal growth questions


What are personal growth courses?

These are units of teaching focused entirely on learning about and reflecting on an individual’s skills and relating them to their life goals. The goal is to identify their strengths and figure out ways of using them to live a better life.

What are the five areas of personal development?

Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Social Development.

What is your personal growth?

Personal growth is a concept that can only truly be defined by you and your terms. It goes beyond “success" because success varies according to individual goals. However, it generally involves realizing that there's work to be done in your life, doing this work, and taking responsibility for the changes you make.

What is needed for personal growth?

The first thing is realizing that you're not perfect and that there's room for personal growth. Then, searching for resources to help you through this journey including books, articles, courses, and personal coaches.

What are the seven areas of development?

The main areas that are often focused on when it comes to personal development include family and relationship, physical, financial, personal (self-improvement), spiritual, social, and emotional development.

How do I start personal development?

After deciding to begin this journey, one needs to decide on the mode which they will use. This might look like reading, completing online modules, or taking classes. Then, they need to focus on one topic at a time. It's also advisable to get a mentor who has already walked that path as they can give the best advice. Lastly, set some goals and work towards them.

What are the examples of personal growth?

There's a lot that can be deemed examples of personal goals but they’re all subjective and depend on an individual's goals. However, achieving some of the following are popular options - improved self-esteem, improved confidence, more positive thinking, taking responsibility for one's actions, behavioral changes that reflect positively on one's life, positive attitude adjustments, and more.

What are the three most important areas of development for you professionally?

There are many areas where professionals should attempt to improve upon to increase their overall productivity. Perhaps the most important of these are time management and organizational skills, interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to accept constructive feedback and implement the changes suggested.

How do I find my strengths?

A series of tests will help identify internal characteristics. For starters, you need to evaluate yourself. Analyze any attempts at things you've done and check to see which you failed or succeeded at. That should give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Another option is to take a course and ask for an evaluation afterward. Once you find your strengths, you can work on leveraging them.

In an era of great change, people need to have the necessary tools required to improve themselves. This sets the tone for how not only their future will be but how the world progresses. Factoring these points into creating quality personal growth courses is a way to build a true brand.

All in all, if you think this business is for you, then start now to work on it. Also, reach out to Gurucan for some much-needed guidance on how to know the navigate the industry.


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